Martin Berauer

YOGA LOGIK February ’15

Finally finished editing the live video of Yoga Logik’s « Ud Jayega » at the last concert of our India Tour in February 2015, in Balgaum, Karnataka. It was a highly energetic show with an amazing crowd.

Elsa Martine – Video clip

Check out this Homage to the Rapper « Ol’dirty Bastard » by the French-Guyanese artist Elsa Martine.

Elsa Martine: vocals

Karim Bilal: piano

Jeff Boudreaux: drums

Martin Berauer: upright bass

Özlem Bulut Band – Album « Aşk »

ozlembulut-album-kapak    969234_599781093422292_1230865461_n

Here are two tracks from the new album "Aşk" of the "Özlem Bulut Band", Oriental-Pop-Jazz made in Vienna. I had the pleasure to record some bass tracks with this great band. Concerts in Spain, Austria and France are to be announced soon.